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Welcome! My name is Desiree Scarborough and I'm glad you're here!

I am a Brooklyn born, raised and based artist who enjoys experimenting with ways to make the unwearable, wearable. My biggest inspiration is the past, my family’s, Brooklyn's and mine. I preserve objects that hold happy memories, like shells, and cool rocks from the beach, every piece of art I made in high school and every school or work ID I’ve ever had. Having those objects to look back on while researching my history allows me to re-connect with my past self.

My work focuses on creating a community of materials that work together to tell a story. I work with everything from feathers to broken jewelry pieces,  to create a visual world around a story that I’ve envisioned. I often imagine the narrative first. I ask questions like: who is this person, place, or thing? What do I see them doing while wearing my work? 

Sometimes an idea doesn't come with a scenario at all. I'll get an image in my head at any point during the day and immediately try to sketch what I see in my head, or start making a list of adjectives to best describe what I don’t yet know how to draw. Usually, the idea comes with materials and I problem solve in the making process, leaving room for the original idea to evolve. 

I want to show people previously unimagined possibilities, and encourage them to love and re-wear art, but at my core I do this for me. Making is now a necessary exercise for me to decipher my thoughts and dreams, helps me figure out where to go next, makes me feel comfortable in the not-knowing of it all. I hope that people who see my work feel like they can explore anything they want, even if they have no idea where to start.

I am currently freelancing out of my family's living room in Brooklyn, NY, open to collaborations and customers!

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