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This is the beginning of an ongoing series of exploration called "The Leftovers".

Coming off of planning and creating a show for a NYFW collection I spent months sewing myself,  even with the help of my amazing friends, left my head empty so to speak. I had no desire to start another collection even three months after.  But! I still wanted to make stuff... something even if it wasn't clothes. So instead of forcing myself out of that mindset I leaned into it and moved away from fully fabric pieces just to see where I could go.  Thus here we are! 

After making three headpieces out of Benjamin Moore paint chips and my old business cards,  you'll see I finally felt like sewing garments again! But it wouldn't have come if I didn't take the break.

Photographer: @jonathanjgeorge * Model: @kalilaain * On Set Assist: @raisingchel Location: @filmbytwostudio

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