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Jaclyn Burke is a Queens, New York based artist. Jaclyn typically experiments with multi-media in relation to her cultural identity, politics, and mental health. As an artist she finds it to be her job to make art not just to express herself and explore her identity but to give a voice to a historically underrepresented and underestimated nation threw her art. She finds her art as a way to pay homage to her Mexican, Indigenous, Native-American, and Latin roots.

Jackie is wearing her custom mid-calf socks in the green graffiti print!

Diamante (Dimo) Ortiz (she/they) comes from the Los Sures area of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Over the course of her childhood, she has witnessed how creative energy within Black and Brown spaces creates healing, humanity and hope. This has inspired them to carry this over into writing poetry, and collaborating with other creatives throughout her adolescence - adulthood. Dimo currently leads on @dacypher.bk social media, while continuing their organizing work both in NY and Philly and uplifting the importance of community narratives that are often underrepresented in mainstream media + journalism .

Diamante is wearing her own custom knee high socks in the pink print!

Le is an international Multi-disciplinary artist and designer currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. They are the founder and lead designer of Degrade, the bio-based experimental label currently promoting biodegradable materials and textile explorations in the fashion world using a multi-disciplinary approach.


Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Degrade reconnects with nature through its inner child curiosity. By breaking down traditional barriers in the fashion industry, our mission is create a holistic approach to the materials we use in jewelry design and textile manufacturing.


Our aim is to offer our forward thinking clientele a product that gives as much as it takes and along the way, reconnect them to their inner child's connection with Mother Nature.


Degrade is an experimental slow-fashion label currently making biodegradable bespoke accessories. This center highlights the importance of sustainability in fashion in our current day and age, extending the shelf-life of organic matter. With each order, we create your items locally from scratch that are dedicated to our clients.

Le is wearing their own custom thigh highs in the S Stripe print! 

All prints and sock lengths are available for purchase in any size until September 31st!

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